Thursday, 21 June 2018

2T Week 8

Cross Country
Congratulations to all participants in the cross country today! The students all tried their best which was great to see! There was also a good show of sportsmanship! Well done Year 2s!

Our school disco will be held in the hall this Friday evening.  The K-2 session will be from 4.30 to 6:00pm with a sausage sizzle afterwards.  Please see the flyers around school and in the newsletter for more information. 

Year 2 Family Mass
Our family mass is being held this Saturday night at 6:00pm. Please see the communication from Mrs Meyer with more information. We look forward to seeing people there!

Grandparents Mass
A reminder that Grandparents mass is next Monday 25th June. Please return the RSVP slips for Grandparents Day by the end of this week. Mrs Meyer is also putting together a slide show of our grandparents. Please email through your pictures to her on .

We have been focusing on writing narratives this term. Students know there has to be a problem and solution, and that they need to introduce the characters and setting in a creative way. They also know to include adjectives to make their writing more interesting for the readers! We are so impressed with the standard of writing that our class has produced... (Even though Mrs Tippett was an Alien, Dragon and an Electric Eel in some of the stories)!

During the second half of this term students have been practicing identifying and counting Australian notes and coins. Their skip counting skills really came in handy when counting dollars and cents. Again, they have done really well and applied their prior knowledge and skills to solve money problems. 

Students have completed constructing and decorating their letterboxes! Please come and have a look at them in our class! We will be delivering the warm fuzzies to the letterboxes next week! Students can then take them home and read the warm fuzzies over the holidays!

Important Information!
Please return all class readers to their rightful boxes in class next Wednesday (27th June).

Also please note that Mrs Tippett has been asked to attend the Year 5 camp to help out Mr Danaher. Mrs Martin will be in the class during that time which is Wednesday to Friday Week 9 (next week).

If anyone would like to discuss their child's reports with us, please arrange a time early next term.

Below are some photos of us doing some NAIDOC work with 2K! It has been another busy term but the students have continued to progress and develop. We are really proud and are looking forward to the second half of the year! Happy and safe holidays!

Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin