Thursday, 31 May 2018

2T Week 5

Can you believe we are half way through the term already? We hope everyone is ready for the cold ahead! It has been a busy term again however the progress students have made, particularly with reading has been incredible! We are very pleased with everyone in the class. 

Friendology Focus
This week in Friendology we have been focusing on putting out Friendship Fires and talking it out in a calm and fair way. Below were some of the points we looked at in the previous week to confront the fire.
1. Find a good time to talk, just the two of you. 
2.In a calm, serious voice, retell the situation. 
3.Explain how it made you feel.     
4. Listen to their side and truly try to understand their perspective.

We have also been working on body language and how actions like whispering may make others feel. These lessons have been conducted with 2K and it has been working really well.

Next lesson we will be looking at positive reactions, saying no, using power statements and to spend less time with people if they are in the 'unhealthy zone' yet still being kind.

Constructing Letter boxes
Students have begun to construct letter boxes for their warm fuzzies. Their designs look fantastic and we will be completing them over the next couple of weeks. Below are some photos of the first construction session. The students worked really well together, shared materials and used lots of team work to help their friends.

Fabulous Readers!
Reading tests have been completed over the last couple of weeks and every single student in the class has improved. We are feeling so happy with the progress over the first semester! Congratulations everyone!
Image result for reading memes

Long Weekend
Have a wonderful and safe extra long weekend! Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin will be busy completing reports!

Family Mass TBA
Apologies for the change of time and date. A new date has still not been set at this stage. We will let you know as soon as we know.

Turtle Art
Below are turtles the students created with Mrs Martin last Friday! They look brilliant!

Thanks everyone for your on-going support. As always please come and see us/email us with any questions, queries or concerns.

Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin