Wednesday, 16 May 2018

2T Week 3

Firstly, how great were our beautiful children on their assembly performance! They had been practicing so hard! We have been dying to share this video with you! It is the children practicing singing while creating their Mother's Day pictures! So gorgeous! 

Friendology Focus
As you are aware, we are focusing on this program during Term 2. This week we are focusing on the Friend-o-metre which looks at healthy and unhealthy relationships. Students have also been made aware of the 4 friendship facts which are:
1. No Friendship is Perfct
2. Every Friendship is Different
3. Trust and Respect are the two most Important Qualities of a friendship
4. Friendships Change and thats OK.
Together with 2k we have unpacked these, provided examples and let the children discuss and ask questions in a safe and inclusive way.

Next week we will be looking at Friendship Fires and how to deal with them, specifically- quick come backs. Please come and see us if families would like resources to help assist their children at home understand these concepts.

Telling the Time
We have nearly finished our unit on telling the time- o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Everyone is becoming very clever at telling the time.

Casuals for Catholics
Don't forget this Friday 18th May, is Casuals for Catholics free dress day. Please bring a gold coin donation.

Year 2 Family Mass
More information to come soon.

Hockey Clinic: Smarter than Smoking
Over the last couple of weeks students have been participating in the Smarter then Smoking Hockey Clinics with Mrs Carter. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students. Students learnt about the smarter than smoking message, skill development, team skills, leadership opportunities and for some, exposure to a new sport. The children loved this clinic!  

Parent Help
The roster is in the parent corner! Thank you to everyone who has put their name down and to everyone who has already volunteered.
We just want to make it clear that we know how busy families are, so there is no expectation/obligation that everyone has to do to parent help. Yet, if you wish to come in we appreciate the support!

We hope all our mums had a very Happy Mothers Day last weekend! We love our Mums! Below is some of the artwork student's produced. 
Enjoy the rest of Week 3 and the upcoming weekend.
Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin :)