Thursday, 12 April 2018

Year 2T Week 11

What a busy and hectic First Term it has been in Year 2! Everyone should be very proud of their children. The progress they have made and the hard work they have done this year so far, has definitely earn't them a well deserved break. We hope everyone has a relaxing and safe holiday, and we are really looking forward to next term!

Cardboard boxes
Next term we will be collecting small cardboard boxes that the students will use for constructing, in Design and Technology. If you could recycle boxes from home and bring them to class that would be fantastic!
                                                            Image result for small cardboard boxes

Aboriginal Cross Curriculum
Next term there will be a focus on Australian Indigenous culture and history, which will be integrated across all learning areas. Please keep an eye on school communications regarding NAIDOC Week and events/activities that will be happening around the school.

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Parents Meetings
Thank you to everyone who came to the parent interviews last week. We both feel so lucky to have such supportive families working with us this year and it was great for us to also hear positive feedback.  Also thank you to everyone who has come in for parent help this term! We really appreciate it! A new roster will be placed in the parent corner early next term.

Holiday Homework
Over the holidays we want to encourage students to choose and read books they enjoy and are interested in. If everyone could please ensure that they have finished up to Unit 11 in their Think Mentals book that would be great! We will start Unit 12 next term.

Today we began Friendology and focused on the 4 Friendship Facts. Next term we will be continuing the Friendology program. Most students would be familiar with this from Year 1. We will be going over concepts and also learning more information about how to manage friendships at school.
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Gathering Time
Due to commencing Friendology and focusing on being kind to each other, next term during gathering time we will be writing 'warm fuzzies.' Students can focus on a different member of our class each day and write something nice about them, and state something that they are really good at. This will continue over the first few weeks of term and we will have a sharing day once everyone has completed the warm fuzzies for each class member. Mrs Tippett will collect them each day.

Next Term
In English next term we will be looking at writing narratives, procedures and poetry. Students will continue using the Handy Reading Strategies, however we will be looking at more specific reading strategies in our small Literacy Groups as well. These will be taught and modeled explicitly.

In Mathematics we will begin with looking at Addition and Subtraction (moving to 2 and 3 digit numbers). Then we will focus on counting money and recognizing the value of coins. We will finish the term by looking at chance and probability.

In Religion the units of work we will be studying are, Joining the Lord's Meal and Gathered Together.
During HASS we will be looking at Aboriginal culture and completing some History units on ANZAC Day. In Science we will be looking at the properties of different materials (Chemical Sciences).

Below are some photos of the students collecting data to put into a graph. They had to generate a question to ask the other students e.g. What is your eye colour? Then they had to tally their results and later enter the data into a column graph. The students did an absolutely fantastic job of this! We have some brilliant mathematicians in our class! The end results were of a very high standard across the whole class. Well done 2T!

As always we appreciate your ongoing support. Enjoy the holidays and we will see you next Term!
Warm Regards,
Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin