Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Year 2T Week 7

Hello Families of 2T!
Below is some photos, upcoming events and information. We hope your child is enjoying Year 2 so far, as always please let us know if there is anything we can do assist your child at school.

Parent Help
An update on parent help!- A roster will be going up in the parent corner next week. We would love if parents could come in and help our students with writing in the mornings. The times will be
Monday: 9:50-10:20
Tuesday: 9:50-10:20
Thursday: 10:30-11:00

Many students seem to be misplacing their hats, please ensure their names are on their hat, and in their school bag in the mornings.Students keep their hats in their bags at school.

Students are encouraged to change their own readers during gathering time in the morning. They don't need to change books everyday, but a few times over a fortnight is ideal. If students are not engaging with the books we have in the reading boxes, please encourage them to choose books at home or in the Library that they enjoy and this can be recorded in the R.E.D. folders. Please keep an eye out for future blogs where we will show you how to utilise Reading Express for more options on leveled readers.

Palm Sunday Liturgy
On Monday the 26th of March at 9am, the children in Year 1P and 2T will be performing a short Liturgy focused around the Holy Week event of Palm Sunday. We have organised acting parts and reading parts, in which some of your children may receive readings to practice at home. This will only be a short 15-20 minute Liturgy and will require minimal costuming (if there is any). Please keep and eye on the blog in the coming week for more information.

Moving Desks
Now that we have settled into school and have gotten to know each other, students will be moving desks every two weeks. This allows them to work with different people and the students enjoy having the change every now and then.

Small group work
This week students have begun working in small groups for Literacy and Maths.
In a practice lesson the students constructed beautiful posters about Handy Reading Strategies. These strategies can be used independently by students when they are reading and need help. Please encourage your child to use these strategies at home when reading.

Our Handy Reading Strategies are:
-Sound the word out or try and swap sounds e.g. the letter A can make the short or long vowel sound/sometimes g makes the /j/ sound.
-Skip the unknown word, finish the sentence and then come back to it.
-Use clues e.g. look at the pictures, think about the storyline, what do I already know?
-Re-Read the passage or sentence to determine the meaning of an unknown word.
-Think, Does it make sense?

Here are some photos of us making our posters, please come and look at the finished products in our reading corner!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for your ongoing support!

Warm Regards,
Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin