Monday, 26 February 2018

Year 2T Week 5

Hello Families!
Can you believe it is Week 5 already!? This term is flying by and we also have some long weekends coming up! Last week was a big week for our students, as it was the first week following our normal timetable and all the homework is now going home. Please come and see us if there are any questions or concerns.
Below are some messages and information.

Here are some photo's of our class looking for living and non-living things in magazines. They did a great job and found lots of examples to stick on their page. We had great discussions and the learning will continue on this week, as we look at how animals change and grow over time.

Please note that our Library day has now changed to Friday! Please bring the student's library books back on Friday's now. This is due to a timetable change.

Parent Help
It would be great to have some parent help in our class over the week. We will be starting small group work soon and extra help would be fantastic! Parent help will involve sitting with a small group and helping students with either their literacy or numeracy work.
If you are interested please look out for a roster that I will place in the parent corner over the next couple of weeks, and simply write your name next to a time slot that suits you.

Reading Eggs and Mathletics
Students will now have both their Reading Eggs and Mathletics' logins in their homework folders. We have been using these in class as well. Students may wish to access these at home, however this is not compulsory at all.

Reading Books
Students are going really well at swapping their own reading books. If they wish to keep the same book for a couple of nights that is fine. Let me know if any students need reminding to change their books. We are encouraging this to happen during Gathering Time.

It is great to have the first half of Term 1 underway, now we are in the normal routine and students seem to be settling in really well. Thank you to all the families who have been so supportive and patient during the swimming period. We are looking forward to the rest of the Term and the Year! As always please contact us if you have questions or wish to inform us of something that may impact your child's learning.
Everyone have a great and safe long weekend!

Warm Regards,
Alice and Alison