Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Serious Scientists!!

Dear Parents, the children have returned to school this term refreshed and eager to learn. Our theme for this term is Simple Machines. We will design, create and build our own simple machines during our Science lessons.

Last week we conducted an experiment to see what it would be like in Space working with a simple machine. Firstly, the children had to undo a nut and bolt using their bare hands and then redo it again.
Secondly, they needed to put on some rubber gloves and undo and redo the nut and bolt.
Thirdly, they had to keep the nut and bolt under the water with their gloves on and then without their gloves. They were surprised by the results and took the experiment very seriously.
We changed one variable each time so that our results could be compared and were accurate.

Check out the photos below.

We have also been revising our 2D shapes and learning the names of. 3D shapes. We learnt that the name of the shape gives us a clue. For example tri means 3. We then had the opportunity to choose to make any 3D shape that we would like to make. We wore our Creative Hats for this Maths activity and it worked.
Can you name some of the 3D shapes we have made?

We are looking forward to our assembly next Friday the 27th October. We will see you there. Have a great week.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.