Sunday, 13 August 2017

Wonderful Worms!!!

Dear Parents, there have been WORMS in Blue Room. At the beginning of the term we handled and observed the Worms and learnt lots about the importance of Worms for our environment. Some children were very brave and others were happy to look from a distance.

Last week we made our own Worm Farms. Thanks to Mrs Jackson and Mr Rock for their help and guidance as the children followed the steps to make their worm farm. They took the project very seriously and were very interested in how the worm farm came together. They did a fabulous job. Now it is their responsibility to care for and look after their worm farm.Look below to find out what Worms love to eat and what you do not feed Worms.


I will send home a food guide for the children to follow to ensure they are feeding their Worms the correct food. The response and interest in making the Worm Farm has been fabulous. 

Last week the children started learning the structure for Persuasive Writing. They worked together with a partner to come up with some excellent reasons to convince us on the topic they were writing on. The next step was to write  on their own and our topic was "Everybody Should Have a Worm Farm." We brainstormed the ideas together and then they attempted the task themselves. Next time you are in the classroom ask your child to show your their piece of Persuasive Writing.
Have a great week.
Kind regards, 
Paula Murphy.