Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Money, Money, Money!!!!!!!!

Dear Parents, In Blue Room (2M) in Maths at the moment we are working with money. The children have done different activities to help them with this concept. They are each given a bag of money and   asked to firstly sort their money into the different coins. Secondly they were asked to find different coins to make up the same value of the coin that they could use if they went shopping. Thirdly they were asked to share the coins and find half of the total. This meant that they sometimes needed to swap or trade their coins for other coins. The process is very hands on.

Could I please ask you to allow your child to handle money, by counting it or using it to pay for something when you go out. The more hands on it can be the better understanding they will have of the concept of money. The children loved the opportunity to choose items yesterday at the Mission market and to be able to find the correct coins to pay for it. Thank you in advance for doing this activity with your child. 
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.