Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Friendology 101

Dear Parents, we will be starting Friendology 101 in Blue Room (2M) this Wednesday(17th May)! Many children have already brought their soft toy into the classroom but if your child has not brought their toy to school could they remember to have it with them on Wednesday please. They do not need to leave the toy at school. It is ok for them to take it home with them. There seems to be a lot of excitement in the classroom about Friendology 101 which is great to see!

In Science we have been learning about Paleontologists and have done some different experiments. We discovered that Paleontologists are very patient people especially when we were looking for our dinosaurs in the sandpit. Check out the pictures to see what I mean!!!!!

Last week we followed a recipe and worked in groups to make fossils out of dough. The children followed the recipe really well and took the experiment very seriously to ensure their dough was just right to then make fossils. They enjoyed the experiment and will be bringing their fossils home with them soon.

I hope all the Mum's had a fabulous Mother's Day and enjoyed being the most important person in their house for one whole day. The children were very excited to share their gift with you. Their aim was to let you know how special you are and how much they love you.

Enjoy your week.
Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.