Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Erupting Volcanoes!!!!!

Dear Parents, there was much excitement in the air this week in Science as we tried out our volcano creations. We spent time building our volcano and ensuring that it was strong enough and stable enough to remain in one piece as it erupted. Look at the concentration as the children built their volcano.

Most of the volcanoes erupted to the delight of all of our budding scientists. The children were able to give many reasons as to why volcanoes erupt. They had lots of knowledge to share.

Last week  the children put their understanding of fractions to the test by following a recipe to make biscuits. They had to measure very carefully the correct proportions to ensure that their biscuits were the right consistency and most importantly tasted delicious. They worked well as a team and were rewarded with a variety of biscuits to eat and share.

A huge thank you to Mrs Kerr, Mrs Piaggi and Mrs Rann for giving up their time to take a Maths group and to bake with the children. We loved eating the biscuits.

Have a great week and enjoy your extra long weekend.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.