Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Blue Room Bulletin!!!!!!!

Dear Parents, there are quite a few things happening in Blue Room(2M) this week.

PRAYER ASSEMBLY: this Friday 5th May at 9.00 in the hall. Your child should have brought home a piece of paper with what they need to say on it. I do have a spare copy in the classroom for Friday's assembly. Our prayer assembly is about FORGIVENESS.

URStrong: Your child can start bringing their teddy into school next week. The program will not start until Week 4. It is lovely to see how excited the children are about the new friendship-URStrong program.

MATHEMATICIANS: Today in Blue Room (2M) we did some amazing Maths in different groups. The children we asked to put on their mathematician's hat and they certainly did that. Here is a sample of some of the learning that took place.

Have a great week and a huge thank you to the parents that came into Blue Room this week to help.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.