Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Wonderful Week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Parents, we have had such a busy week of learning and have done many wonderful activities in many areas of the curriculum. Here is a snap shot of our learning in Blue Room (2M). I am so proud of each of the children and the enthusiasm and effort they are bringing to school with them each day. They continue to surprise me and amaze me!!!!!
On Monday we made alfoil boats which we hoped would float not sink. Luca was able to add 56 marbles to her boat before it sank. Flynn from 2H was able to add 58 marbles to his boat. The children were delighted with their designs and very excited to see how many marbles their boat would hold.

We had our Keyboarding lesson on Monday with Mrs Meyer. She is teaching us how to touch type.
Check out the photos below.

On Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday. We discussed the true meaning of Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Tuesday). We ate pancakes and created our own giant stack of pancakes as part of our Literacy session. They were delicious!!!!!

Today we celebrated Ash Wednesday Mass to begin the season of Lent. We will learn more about Lent over the next 40 days!
Our week is not over but so much learning has happened. 
I was extremely proud of the children during Mass today. They showed great respect and reverence and a lot of maturity so early in Year Two. I thought as parents you would love to hear such positive feedback.

Kind regards.
Paula Murphy.