Thursday, 23 March 2017

Exciting, Educational Excursion

Dear Parents, yesterday we went to the Busselton Underwater Observatory for our class excursion. We were blessed with the most beautiful day, after a very stormy night and after some lost sleep on my part. The day was perfect in so many ways.
A huge thank you to our parent helpers who gave up their time to be apart of the excursion. They did a fabulous job and hopefully enjoyed this experience with Blue Room (2M) children.
We all boarded the new train to take us all the way the end of the Busselton Jetty. The train felt very luxurious compared to the original train. We were able to sit back and enjoy the ride.


We were greeted by a very friendly guide who was amazing with the children. He told them many facts and they listened with great interest. Look at the photo below to see what I mean!

After listening to the formal talk we were given time to explore the different levels in the Underwater Observatory. There were many 
windows to look through and see so many fish and other sea creatures.

It was a fun day!!!!

Today I put an interview sheet onto each child's desk before school. If you did not bring your child to school today there should be a note in their homework folder for you to fill out and return to school A.S.A.P. please. The 3 way interviews will begin on Monday 27th March at 3.15.
I will send the reply slip home with your child to confirm the day and date of their interview. I look forward to meeting with you over the next two weeks. 

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy