Thursday, 1 December 2016

Hovercrafts hovering

Dear Parents, this week in Science we completed our unit on Simple Machines and we made hovercrafts. It involved a number of steps to be able to make the hovercraft. The children followed the steps really well and the photos below show most of the steps involved.

The results were amazing and the simple machine hovered across the desk much to the children's delight. It was a fun way to conclude the unit of work.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!
I would like to thank you for all your support throughout the 2016 school year. It has been an absolute privilege to teach your children this year and I am feeling very sad at the thought of  passing them onto their new teacher. I have watched them blossom and grow in so many areas and I feel extremely proud of each of the children and how much they have grown this year. It has been a wonderful year and I have treasured the chance to teach your child.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.