Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Incredible Inventions!!!!

Dear Parents, as you know we have been learning about Simple Machines and creating our own designs in many areas of the curriculum. We were inspired by a visiting inventor from Year Five at O.L.C. by the name of Jarrad. He has invented a rope making machine and we invited him into our classroom to show us and explain to us how it worked. We were very impressed and supplied Jarrad with more string to make more rope. Look at the photo below to see how long the rope was.

We also designed our own machines in Art. We started by getting a partner to paint one foot which proved to be quite ticklish and lots of fun. We then turned our footprint into some kind of machine. The results are amazing!!! Check out the photos to understand the quality of our artwork.

Thank you for viewing our learning in Blue Room.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy