Sunday, 30 October 2016

Marvellous Mathematicians!!!!

Dear Parents, last week our amazing mathematicians were working hard and using their learnt strategies to help them solve many problems. One activity involved counting by tens and finding the pattern. We started with small numbers and ended with numbers in the thousands which demonstrates how clever the children are in Blue Room. Check out the photo!!!!!!

We also made a map to find the treasure. We made our own symbols that we would have as our key features and then wrote directions using North, South, East and West to guide people around our map.
We found a partner and gave them our treasure map while we read out our directions to see if our partner could find the treasure. The children really enjoyed this activity and created some great
treasure maps. A few examples follow.

I'm sure you can see the concentration on the children's faces.
I hope you enjoy seeing more of our learning in Blue Room. Have a great week.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy