Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Wriggling Worms

Dear Parents, the children in Blue Room were given the opportunity to look (and if they were brave enough touch ) some wriggling worms. It was the final part of our Biological Science investigation for this term. We discussed how valuable worms are to our soil and the environment but also learnt about the "Life Cycle of an Earthworm". Some of the children loved this activity and others were happy to just observe. Look at the photos below to see their reaction.

LEARNING JOURNEYS. Thank you to every parent in Blue Room for supporting your child's Learning Journey. They were so excited and proud to show you their work. They have worked so hard and it was so good for them to be able to share their learning with you. I was very impressed with how they explained each of the activities to you and it was lovely to see you enjoy some of the games that we play in Blue Room. I can see the growth in each of your children and look forward to developing them further in our final term together. 
Have a lovely restful, fun holiday as a family and I will see you all for the beginning of Term 4.
Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.