Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Shoebox surprise.

Dear Parents, thank you to all people who have already brought their gift in for the shoebox. Each child was given a note last week explaining what the shoebox is about and what item they have chosen to bring as their gift. We are creating our shoeboxes with the Year Three children and joining together for this very special activity. Could you please send the $2.50 for postage with your child when they bring in their gift please? We have discussed with the children about doing something extra at home so that they earn the money and it has more meaning to them as they think about why we are doing the shoeboxes for the poorest children in the world. Below is a sample of what a shoebox can look like.

Could you please make sure that when the gift is brought into school A.S.A.P. that the $2.50 is sent it as well? Thank you. Have a great week.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy