Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mathematical Minds

Dear Parents,
Welcome back to Term Three. This term is sure to be filled with many varied activities in Blue Room.
Our mathematicians are already amazing me as we revise multiplication and introduce division. The children's Maths pencil cases are being well used as we treat these concepts in our Maths lessons.
You can see the concentration on their faces from the photos.

REMINDERS: Comprehension packs need to be returned to school each Wednesday so that each child can receive a new pack on Thursday. Our library day is Thursday and it is really important that your child remembers to bring their library bag to school on this day. It would be fabulous for our whole class to have their library bags at school for their library lesson

Thursday 18th August (Week 5)-  our excursion to BREC in Bunbury. Thank you to those people who have returned their permission slip and also the money for the excursion. If possible it needs to be at school this Friday 29th July.

Friday 26th July (Week 6)- Blue Room Assembly. I will be sending out more details soon. You don't need to worry as the costumes your child needs will be very simple.

The children have settled back into the classroom after our holiday and lots of great learning is happening in Blue Room. Enjoy your week

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy