Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Dinosaur Day is coming!!!!!!!!!

Dear Parents,
We have been learning about Dinosaurs all term in Blue Room and I would love to have a Dinosaur Day with the children on the last Friday of this term ( 1st July). We have integrated Dinosaurs in most of  the curriculum and we have learnt so much. It is amazing how clever you children are at pronouncing those very tricky dinosaur names. You child created their own restaurant fit for only a dinosaur and here are a few samples of the menus they created. I'm sure all dinosaurs would find the food very tasty.

I will be sending a note home with your child asking for helpers for our Dinosaur Day. I will need help from 9.30- 11.00 as their will be a rotation of activities for the children to do. If you are able to help that would be fantastic and very much appreciated.
I would love the children to dress up as a dinosaur but the costume can be very simple. I will explain this to the children and suggest easy ways to create a dinosaur costume from what you have at home.