Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Dear Parents,
Your child will be bringing home their Reading Eggs password. They have all completed their placement test at school and are now able to assess the Reading Eggs site at their level. They will also have a password card at school so you can keep the card sent home today at home.

Spelling pocket folders: I had a check through each child's drawer last week and discovered a large number of children were not taking their pocket folder home. It should be brought home on Monday as we put in our new sound for the week and place the previous week's sound in a seal it bag which is left at school for revision and a word sort activity. The pocket folder should then remain at home to be used and then returned on the following Monday. Thankyou for your support on ensuring this is happening.

A huge thank you to a number of parents who have volunteered to be helpers in Blue Room. I now have helpers with Science, Literacy and Maths. Your help is very much appreciated and the children are loving having you in our classroom.

Thank you for your generosity with supporting the Fun Run. If you have not brought the money into school it's never too late. The children love this activity and it was a perfect day.

Enjoy your week.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.