Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Scientists and Environmentalists

Dear Parents,
On Monday we wore our scientists hats and created a mini water cycle experiment. Thankfully it was a very hot day with plenty of sunshine so our experiments were very effective. The children were able to explain in their own words what was happening but then we used some scientific words as well.
Our experiments were very successful.

We are also wearing our environmentalists hats as your child has been asked to collect a bag of recyclable materials to bring to school to design, make and explain their very own Rubbish Island which is a part of Geography. Can you please ensure that the bag of rubbish is at school by this Friday 18th March. Thank you!

I will be sending home a note explaining the 3 way interviews which will take place in Week 9 & 10.
Could you please fill it in A.S.A.P and return it to school with your child. I will finalise your day and time with you. I am looking forward to sharing information to both you and your child.

Easter egg raffle: Thank you to the people who have already brought in Easter eggs. You have been
very generous. Just a reminder to you if your child hasn't yet placed an Easter egg into the box in Blue Room.

This Friday 18th March is our prayer assembly. We would love to see you there.

Have a great week.

Kind regards,