Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Learning and activities in Blue Room

Dear Parents,
Your children are all settling into Blue Room and Year 2. There are many new things for them to learn and they are doing really well adjusting so early in the term.

Swimming lessons are going well and the children have appreciated the lovely cool water on some very hot days. Please make sure that your child wears their joggers to school and brings thongs to wear to the beach to ensure their safety at all times.

Science has been fun and this week we needed to be both scientists and engineers to make a boat out of alfoil that would float on its own and then with marbles inside. The best boat held 22 marbles before it sank which is very impressive!!!! Check out some of the photos.

Last week we took our Maths outside to do some serious measuring. We were measuring different sized animals using metre sticks. The children had to work together to measure out the distances. The biggest creature they measured out was a Blue Whale which measured 25 metres. The photo shows the 4 children and the distance from start to finish. They were very clever and helped each other out. A great collaborative activity!!!!

While swimming lessons are on I do understand if the children are just too tired to do their homework. I have not sent spelling homework home yet as I would like to explain it to you at the parent meeting this Thursday 11th  February at 5-15.

I am loving the enthusiasm your children are showing and each day I am learning something new from them.

Kind regards,