Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Year One and Two excursion to The Old Butter Factory

On Monday the 29th of June, the Year One and Two students went on an excursion to The Old Butter Factory in Busselton. We were all very excited in the morning and we're all smiles on the bus and we were very excited when we got off the bus to The Old Butter Factory.

We got into our groups with our fantastic parent helpers and we set off to explore the Factory. We loved seeing all the olden day items and we found lots of things on our scavenger hunt. We got to look at all the olden day washing machines, an old hair dryer, a record player and even saw some olden day iron.

We got to explore a telephone exchange, a medic hut, an original settlement house and I think the best place, an olden day school house. The children had a wonderful time role playing being a child in the olden days and enjoyed sitting at the desks and using the slate boards. Funnily enough they were very interested to know where the cane was!

Another highlight for the children was the olden days toilet or "dunny". There was a few children that wanted to try it out...it got a bit smelly!

After the excursion, we walked to Rotary Park to have lunch and enjoy the sunshine. The children loved playing on the new playground!

After lunch and play, We got to play some old fashioned games. We had an egg and spoon race, played snakes and ladders, tripped over in the three-legged-race, jumped out of our shoes in a sack race and moved our bodies with some hula hoops!

We had a wonderful day learning about things from the past. Thank you to our wonderful parent helpers: Louise, Gemma, Shaun, Michelle Kerr, Michelle Hughes and Prue. The day ran so smoothly with all of you!

Paula Murphy and Monique Prowse