Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Week 4 Blog Post

Thank you to all parents for giving up your time to attend the interview to discuss your child's progress and achievements. It was really important that your child  was able to hear and be a part of the interview so they have an understanding of where they are at and what they need to do to further improve in the different areas.

In Maths we are trying to improve adding numbers together by using different strategies. We are using the doubles strategy to think about the different number combinations. Please encourage your child to do their mental maths homework each night and to place it in the box each day so that it can be marked. It also gives me the opportunity to speak to your child if they don't understand any of the concepts that are being treated during that week.

In Science we are learning about Push and Pull. We have been wearing our scientists hats and making things that are able to be pushed and pulled. There are lots of creative pieces being created.

In History we are learning about Past and Present. We are discovering that some things have changed over time but there are some things that have still remained the same. Please talk to your child about what you did when you were a child. They are amazed at the things that are still around today. 

The new reading roster is on the door. Could you please fill it in A.S.A.P? Thank you. 

Kind regards,