Monday, 6 August 2018

2T Week 4

Important Dates

Year 2 Combined Prayer Assembly: 10th August 
OLC Feast Day – Mass 9am OLOSC and Mission Markets mid-morning 15th August
School Photos: 23rd and 24th August
Jumps: 28th August
Book Week: 30th August
Throws: 4th September
Athletics Carnival: 6th September

Year 2 Prayer Assembly: 
This week, both Year 2 classes will be presenting a prayer assembly on Friday morning, 10th August.  The theme is God's love and our empowerment to love in relation to the Sacrament of Confirmation.  We have been busy learning some Auslan signs to sing a song about God's family and love.  Some Year 2s have also volunteered to read and have brought home some lines to practice.  No costumes or props needed for the assembly and we would love you to come join us at 9am next week if you can.  

Feast Day Mission Markets: Next Wednesday

The OLC Feast Day celebrations will take place on the Assumption of Mary, Wednesday August 15. This is the day on which we celebrate Mary going to heaven. Weather permitting, the day will begin with a Mass at Our Lady of the Southern Cross church at 9.30am in the morning.  You are warmly invited to attend.

As a secondary part of our day we also have our annual Mission Markets - all money raised goes to support the Caritas mission and it is always a fantastic day!  This year,Year 2T students will be hosting a,"Pre-loved Stall"
We ask each 2T student to donate either a book or a toy that they no longer want, to sell at our 'Pre-loved Stall'.
Please leave the donated items in our class! Thank you in advance!

Meet our Care Bear: Lilly!

Lilly is the newest member of our class! The students named her and they know that if there are feeling sad, sick or tired that Lilly will help look after them. Students are also aware that if a friends has Lilly for the day that we need to show extra care for that person! Welcome Lilly to 2T!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

2T Week 1

Term 3 has Begun!
Welcome back to Term 3! I hope you all had a lovely holiday and the students are feeling refreshed and renewed after their two week break! We are well into term now, and students have settled really well! 

Homework will continue as normal this term. Students are progressing well. Please see us if there are any concerns.

Image result for homework memes

Prayer Assembly
Just a reminder that our Prayer assembly is in Week 4! More information to come soon! We will be joining with 2K for this assembly!

Learning Area focus for Term 3

PLD spelling groups will continue and students will be retested towards the middle of the term.
We will cover grammar topics such as using commas in a series, revising adjectives, nouns and verbs, conjunctions, using punctuation correctly and emotive language.  
Reading groups will continue where students are going to start locating important information from texts.
In writing we will focus on persuasive texts initially and then move to poetry at the end of term. 

The two units that we are covering this term is Empowered to Love (Love and Confirmation) and Jesus Forgives (Vocation and Penance). Below are some beautiful photos of students demonstrating, showing love for one another. They came up with the ideas themselves! These photos, and more will be placed on our prayer table soon!

We will be practicing multiplication and division skills, with a focus on sharing and dividing numbers into even groups, arrays and repetitive addition. Later on in the term we will be looking at fractions, we work with eighths in Year 2 and will revise halves and quarters.

This term we will be covering some History strands. Students will be looking at how timelines can represent the past, and comparing the past and present. They be will constructing timelines based on their their own lives!
We were hoping that families could send in some photos that represent each year of your child's life. They will be used to create the time line. Also children may need some help to write something about each year of their life, particularity when they are newborns! Copies of photos would be ideal as they may get glue on them. We can copy photos if need be. Please come and see me if they are any questions. (We will  not need these for a few weeks but if families can start collecting and bringing in photos that would be great!)

This term we are covering Earth and Space Science. We will be focusing on Water. We will discuss and research uses of water, the water cycle, where water comes from and any other questions that the students generate themselves. Some exciting news is... We are joining with 2K for Science this term!

We are looking forward to a wonderful term!

P.S.Some reading books that have not been returned to class are:
-A Box can be many things
-I'm a Catterpillar
-Maddy in the Middle
-Me and my Shadow
-Newts and Amphibians
-Predators and Pray
-Sing-Song Mum
-Slugs and Snails
-The Forgetful Princess
-The Race
-Tittle-tattle Goose
-Toad makes a Road
-Where are you going, Aja Rose?
-Whoosh! The Spaceship Lands

Please send them in if you have them at home :) 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

2T Week 8

Cross Country
Congratulations to all participants in the cross country today! The students all tried their best which was great to see! There was also a good show of sportsmanship! Well done Year 2s!

Our school disco will be held in the hall this Friday evening.  The K-2 session will be from 4.30 to 6:00pm with a sausage sizzle afterwards.  Please see the flyers around school and in the newsletter for more information. 

Year 2 Family Mass
Our family mass is being held this Saturday night at 6:00pm. Please see the communication from Mrs Meyer with more information. We look forward to seeing people there!

Grandparents Mass
A reminder that Grandparents mass is next Monday 25th June. Please return the RSVP slips for Grandparents Day by the end of this week. Mrs Meyer is also putting together a slide show of our grandparents. Please email through your pictures to her on .

We have been focusing on writing narratives this term. Students know there has to be a problem and solution, and that they need to introduce the characters and setting in a creative way. They also know to include adjectives to make their writing more interesting for the readers! We are so impressed with the standard of writing that our class has produced... (Even though Mrs Tippett was an Alien, Dragon and an Electric Eel in some of the stories)!

During the second half of this term students have been practicing identifying and counting Australian notes and coins. Their skip counting skills really came in handy when counting dollars and cents. Again, they have done really well and applied their prior knowledge and skills to solve money problems. 

Students have completed constructing and decorating their letterboxes! Please come and have a look at them in our class! We will be delivering the warm fuzzies to the letterboxes next week! Students can then take them home and read the warm fuzzies over the holidays!

Important Information!
Please return all class readers to their rightful boxes in class next Wednesday (27th June).

Also please note that Mrs Tippett has been asked to attend the Year 5 camp to help out Mr Danaher. Mrs Martin will be in the class during that time which is Wednesday to Friday Week 9 (next week).

If anyone would like to discuss their child's reports with us, please arrange a time early next term.

Below are some photos of us doing some NAIDOC work with 2K! It has been another busy term but the students have continued to progress and develop. We are really proud and are looking forward to the second half of the year! Happy and safe holidays!

Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin

Thursday, 31 May 2018

2T Week 5

Can you believe we are half way through the term already? We hope everyone is ready for the cold ahead! It has been a busy term again however the progress students have made, particularly with reading has been incredible! We are very pleased with everyone in the class. 

Friendology Focus
This week in Friendology we have been focusing on putting out Friendship Fires and talking it out in a calm and fair way. Below were some of the points we looked at in the previous week to confront the fire.
1. Find a good time to talk, just the two of you. 
2.In a calm, serious voice, retell the situation. 
3.Explain how it made you feel.     
4. Listen to their side and truly try to understand their perspective.

We have also been working on body language and how actions like whispering may make others feel. These lessons have been conducted with 2K and it has been working really well.

Next lesson we will be looking at positive reactions, saying no, using power statements and to spend less time with people if they are in the 'unhealthy zone' yet still being kind.

Constructing Letter boxes
Students have begun to construct letter boxes for their warm fuzzies. Their designs look fantastic and we will be completing them over the next couple of weeks. Below are some photos of the first construction session. The students worked really well together, shared materials and used lots of team work to help their friends.

Fabulous Readers!
Reading tests have been completed over the last couple of weeks and every single student in the class has improved. We are feeling so happy with the progress over the first semester! Congratulations everyone!
Image result for reading memes

Long Weekend
Have a wonderful and safe extra long weekend! Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin will be busy completing reports!

Family Mass TBA
Apologies for the change of time and date. A new date has still not been set at this stage. We will let you know as soon as we know.

Turtle Art
Below are turtles the students created with Mrs Martin last Friday! They look brilliant!

Thanks everyone for your on-going support. As always please come and see us/email us with any questions, queries or concerns.

Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

2T Week 3

Firstly, how great were our beautiful children on their assembly performance! They had been practicing so hard! We have been dying to share this video with you! It is the children practicing singing while creating their Mother's Day pictures! So gorgeous! 

Friendology Focus
As you are aware, we are focusing on this program during Term 2. This week we are focusing on the Friend-o-metre which looks at healthy and unhealthy relationships. Students have also been made aware of the 4 friendship facts which are:
1. No Friendship is Perfct
2. Every Friendship is Different
3. Trust and Respect are the two most Important Qualities of a friendship
4. Friendships Change and thats OK.
Together with 2k we have unpacked these, provided examples and let the children discuss and ask questions in a safe and inclusive way.

Next week we will be looking at Friendship Fires and how to deal with them, specifically- quick come backs. Please come and see us if families would like resources to help assist their children at home understand these concepts.

Telling the Time
We have nearly finished our unit on telling the time- o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Everyone is becoming very clever at telling the time.

Casuals for Catholics
Don't forget this Friday 18th May, is Casuals for Catholics free dress day. Please bring a gold coin donation.

Year 2 Family Mass
More information to come soon.

Hockey Clinic: Smarter than Smoking
Over the last couple of weeks students have been participating in the Smarter then Smoking Hockey Clinics with Mrs Carter. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students. Students learnt about the smarter than smoking message, skill development, team skills, leadership opportunities and for some, exposure to a new sport. The children loved this clinic!  

Parent Help
The roster is in the parent corner! Thank you to everyone who has put their name down and to everyone who has already volunteered.
We just want to make it clear that we know how busy families are, so there is no expectation/obligation that everyone has to do to parent help. Yet, if you wish to come in we appreciate the support!

We hope all our mums had a very Happy Mothers Day last weekend! We love our Mums! Below is some of the artwork student's produced. 
Enjoy the rest of Week 3 and the upcoming weekend.
Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin :) 

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

2T Week 1

Welcome back!
It was so great to see all the smiling faces on Tuesday morning. We're glad that everyone had a safe, relaxing and much needed break! We have had a great start to the term this week!

Our class assembly is next Friday the 11th of May. The students have been practicing hard for the performance. We hope lots of families can come and watch! Especially our beautiful mums! ;)

Image result for mothers day memes funny

No costume will be required for the assembly, however if any families have bunny ears, may you please bring them in before the assembly next Friday! Thank you very much.

Image result for bunny ears

Parent Help 
A roster will go up in the parent corner at the beginning of week 3. Please put your name in a day/time that suits.

Some Reminders:
-Mental Maths needs to be bought in on Fridays!
-Please collect and bring in small cardboard boxes.
-Please ensure names are on hats and jumpers.
-Parents that have not had a parent/teacher meeting, please arrange a time with us if you would still like one.
Thank you :)

As always thank you for your on-going support. Please come and see us anytime if needed! It is going to be a great term! 

Kind Regards,
Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Year 2T Week 11

What a busy and hectic First Term it has been in Year 2! Everyone should be very proud of their children. The progress they have made and the hard work they have done this year so far, has definitely earn't them a well deserved break. We hope everyone has a relaxing and safe holiday, and we are really looking forward to next term!

Cardboard boxes
Next term we will be collecting small cardboard boxes that the students will use for constructing, in Design and Technology. If you could recycle boxes from home and bring them to class that would be fantastic!
                                                            Image result for small cardboard boxes

Aboriginal Cross Curriculum
Next term there will be a focus on Australian Indigenous culture and history, which will be integrated across all learning areas. Please keep an eye on school communications regarding NAIDOC Week and events/activities that will be happening around the school.

                                                             Image result for aboriginal flag

Parents Meetings
Thank you to everyone who came to the parent interviews last week. We both feel so lucky to have such supportive families working with us this year and it was great for us to also hear positive feedback.  Also thank you to everyone who has come in for parent help this term! We really appreciate it! A new roster will be placed in the parent corner early next term.

Holiday Homework
Over the holidays we want to encourage students to choose and read books they enjoy and are interested in. If everyone could please ensure that they have finished up to Unit 11 in their Think Mentals book that would be great! We will start Unit 12 next term.

Today we began Friendology and focused on the 4 Friendship Facts. Next term we will be continuing the Friendology program. Most students would be familiar with this from Year 1. We will be going over concepts and also learning more information about how to manage friendships at school.
                                                            Image result for friendships

Gathering Time
Due to commencing Friendology and focusing on being kind to each other, next term during gathering time we will be writing 'warm fuzzies.' Students can focus on a different member of our class each day and write something nice about them, and state something that they are really good at. This will continue over the first few weeks of term and we will have a sharing day once everyone has completed the warm fuzzies for each class member. Mrs Tippett will collect them each day.

Next Term
In English next term we will be looking at writing narratives, procedures and poetry. Students will continue using the Handy Reading Strategies, however we will be looking at more specific reading strategies in our small Literacy Groups as well. These will be taught and modeled explicitly.

In Mathematics we will begin with looking at Addition and Subtraction (moving to 2 and 3 digit numbers). Then we will focus on counting money and recognizing the value of coins. We will finish the term by looking at chance and probability.

In Religion the units of work we will be studying are, Joining the Lord's Meal and Gathered Together.
During HASS we will be looking at Aboriginal culture and completing some History units on ANZAC Day. In Science we will be looking at the properties of different materials (Chemical Sciences).

Below are some photos of the students collecting data to put into a graph. They had to generate a question to ask the other students e.g. What is your eye colour? Then they had to tally their results and later enter the data into a column graph. The students did an absolutely fantastic job of this! We have some brilliant mathematicians in our class! The end results were of a very high standard across the whole class. Well done 2T!

As always we appreciate your ongoing support. Enjoy the holidays and we will see you next Term!
Warm Regards,
Mrs Tippett and Mrs Martin